Managed Moves Programme

Managed Moves aims to remove or minimise the barriers to education that our most at risk and vulnerable young people experience.  It works with schools, government agencies, NGO’s and community organisations, working with them to plan, and co-ordinate the supports and services a young person needs. 

They help connect to services and supports needed but not yet engaged,  and help track progress so that further supports can be engaged early.  The support of the MMC can best be described using our 3 categories of support.

  • 1 – The MMC provides the contacts and connects for people, services and supports with each other to help them provide support for the young person.
  • 2 – The MMC will help facilitate the connections for schools, services and supports.
  • 3 – The MMC works alongside schools, services providers and supports to ensure a suitable tailored education and care plan is developed, implemented and tracked.


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from pilot to core programme

Managed Moves was piloted under Achieving @ Waitakere in 2017.  The pilot was very successful and we were able to show how the work contributed toward achieving the outcomes laid out in government contracts.  In 2018, as a result of that, and some long conversations, we were able to move Managed Moves under MOE contract funding where it sits today.  Since then it has grown and now works with around 200 young people very year.  

We are most excited about this project because not only is it having fantastic outcomes for the young people the team work with, but it has also: 

  • changed the way we as a community of schools work with our most at risk and vulnerable young people.  Our approach is now more focused on supporting and addressing the needs behind behaviours.  
  • Is an excellent example of how early involvement of all sectors in a collaboration can result in a shift to sustainability and systems change.    Our partners in this work, including government through MOE, were involved right from the very first moment.  They essentially co-designed this with us.   The result speaks for itself. 
  • This has been the first of a long line of steps we are taking in making change for young people in west auckland.  We continue to be involved in multi-sector work that moves us closer toward our vision of all young people succeeding in education. 


Below are the statistics for the Managed Moves programme for 2017,  2018 and 2019 combined.