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Counselling in Schools

as at 13 November 2021

Additional funding is available for schools. More information can be found in the MOE Bulletin. However below is the information from Maryanne O’Hare – Manager of Learning Support in Auckland

Counselling in Schools -note applications are due to reopen on the 17th November

Schools and kura apply through a short application form online:

How to apply?

As this fund is specifically related to the extended lockdown in Auckland, allocation will be focused in Term 4 2021. For that reason, schools and kura should only apply once. If further funding is available, you will be advised of the opportunity to make a second application.

Schools and kura apply through a short application form online:

Prioritisation of funding allocation will take into consideration

Additional background information

For a recap, the details from last week’s email are included below:

A one-off contestable fund of $1.5m is available to enable schools and kura to contract additional counselling support services to help ākonga in Auckland deal with mental health and wellbeing issues caused by the impact of COVID-19. 

Who is eligible?

The fund is available to ngā kura kaupapa Māori, ngā Kura a Iwi, state schools, state integrated schools and special schools in the Auckland region.

What can be funded?

Counselling can be funded for individual ākonga or a group of ākonga that have shown a noticeable change in behaviour due to COVID lockdowns.  

Schools and kura are encouraged to prioritise ākonga in years 6, 7, 8 and 9, although applications for all year levels will be considered.

This a contestable fund, with a broad expectation of between 1 and 5 individual ākonga, and up to 3 groups of ākonga per school or kura (depending on roll and ākonga need). 

The fund can be used by schools and kura to contract counselling through:

It is not essential to fund qualified counsellors. However, schools and kura must take appropriate steps to ensure that the service purchased complies with their child safety policy as per the Vulnerable Children’s Act 2014, and privacy standards.  

What cannot be funded?

The fund cannot be used:

If you have questions or need help please contact your local Learning Support team for more information and guidance.

Te Rito

In July 2021 the Paihere LSC & Pastoral Care team network had a presentation by Ewald Crause (Learning Support MOE), about Te Rito. The national repository for learning information. Below are links to further information and Ewald’s Presentation.

You can contact the Te Rito project team at

Waitemata DHB Family and Child Services

In March 2021 the Paihere LSC & Pastoral Care team network had a presentation by the Waitemata DHB Public Health Nurse team and Dental Team about the services they offer. Here are some helpful links to the information they talked about