Synthetic Drugs

There are hundreds of synthetic drugs that aim to imitate the effects of THC, the ingredient in cannabis which makes you high. However they are significantly more toxic, dangerous and react in unpredictable ways to cannabis.

Synthetic cannabis is usually a dried herb or plant material that is sprayed with a synthetic cannabinoid. It can also come as a liquid, which can be used in a vapourisor.


The Drug Foundation have some great information about synthetic psychoactive substances which you can find here   They cover what is feels like, how to be safe, how to get help, how to cut down, and things to look out for.

You can now order the wallet card series from the Drug Foundation Website!  Here is a direct link to the Synthetic Psychoactive wallet card.  – Pocket HM card Synthetic Psychoactive


Below are some of the Did you Know Series Links and Information.

The Did you Know Video on synthetic psychoactive substances can be viewed here 

Poster on can be downloaded from the Drug Foundation Website. Did You Know Synthetic Psychoactive Substances Comic WEB