While methamphetamine use is very uncommon in New Zealand, especially for young people, raising it in a conversation can help your young person know that it is ok to talk to you about it should they come into contact with it or know someone who might be using it.

Drug Foundation Information

The Drug Foundation have some great information about Methamphetamines which you can find here   They cover what is feels like, how to be safe, how to get help, how to cut down, and things to look out for.

Did you Know Series

Below are some of the Did you Know Series Links and Information.

  • Methamphetamine video and poster
  • An online module to help people prepare for conversations with young people
    • An online learning module, for people to feel prepared to have conversations with young people about drugs and alcohol. The following link is a preview site, and will soon be taken down. However, we can send you the webpages if you would like to have the module on your own site. I love the conversation planner, and the save/print option!
  • Te Reo translations 
  • Chinese (traditional) translations of the posters


Buzzed Videos

These are the buzzed videos that are specifically addressing methamphetamine use.