April 2017 Update

Since the beginning of the year the A @ W Collective Impact Initiative has been in a phase of action and development.   Below we highlight some of the achievement and work to date, and also introduce two new bodies of work currently being scoped.

Youth at Risk Pilot: Managed Moves Pilot

The Managed Moves Pilot formally began at the beginning of 2017 and we are already at the end of term 1.  Since its start the highlights include:

  • 15 young people have become part of the programme since the beginning of year.
  • The young people that were enrolled in Alternative Education have a review date for their return to mainstream school, and information on what each young person needs to address/reach/achieve in order to support that transition back into mainstream education.
  • Those young people for whom mainstream school is still the best option were supported to stay either at their enrolling school, or into a managed move transition to another mainstream school.
  • One excluded student was re-enrolled in a mainstream school and provided additional wrap around supports.
  • Our schools are identifying young people earlier, allowing earlier intervention, and avoiding exclusions.
  • With our support we have kept at least four young people in mainstream education avoiding their exclusion or enrolment in Alternative Education.
  • The Deputy Principals/SENCO representatives from each of the Achieving at Waitakere high schools have met for the 3rd time.  During these meetings they are sharing knowledge and best practice, learning about some of the supports and services that are available to them, and work together to create appropriate plans for the young people they identify as being at risk and vulnerable.
  • Our Intensive Case Manager has had a name change – they’re now called our Managed Moves Co-ordinator (MMC), which has helped eliminate some of the confusion around the role.   The MMC works alongside schools, service providers and those working with the young person and their family.  (They do not work directly with the young person or their family).   They help connect to services and supports needed but not yet engaged,  and help track progress so that further supports can be engaged early.  The support of the MMC can best be described using our 3 categories of support.
    • 1 – The MMC provides the contacts and connects for people, services and supports with each other to help them provide support for the young person.
    • 2 – The MMC will help facilitate the connections for schools, services and supports.
    • 3 – The MMC works alongside schools, services providers and supports to ensure a suitable tailored education and care plan is developed, implemented and tracked.


Year 7 & 8 Project – Currently being Scoped

  • For 10 – 12 year old young people identified as being at risk or vulnerable.  
  • Statistics for this age group suggest that the challenges and issues faced by them are growing in severity and frequency, and the negative impact this is having on the community and services both for this age group, and older, are also growing in frequency and complexity.   
  • We are currently scoping a pilot that will address the needs of this age group.  An indicative business case is being developed and a working group is being established to help ensure input from all sectors, and the most appropriate pilot developed. 

YESS (Youth Employment Support Scheme) – In development 

    • 16  – 24 year old – at risk or vulnerable youth
    • Aimed at providing them with supported employment and wrap around supports to enable them to go on to further education and training.. 
    • The project is based on the JUMA project from the US (Loosely)  and involves: 
      • Young people being employed through business partners (part time, holiday, or full time depending on the needs) 
      • They receive tailored wrap around support to access and stay in this employment. 
      • A portion of their earnings is put into a saving account, where it is then matched by a financial partner, and matched again (via a discount) from a tertiary/trade training provider – turning $1000 of savings into $3000 of education. 
    • We have been accepted into the Akina Launchpad programme which begins on the 1st of May – (this is a social enterprise accelerator programme). 
    • A working group is being established to inform the development of this project.

Comm’s Resources

Thanks to the fabulous people at CAYAD and Curative we now have a set of great communications resources that explain how the Collective Impact Initiative came about and what we’re doing, how the Youth at Risk Managed Moves Pilot works, and the pathway for a young person.  We’ll have them for download soon, but for now here is a sneak preview.


Thanks to our funders and supporters.

We are incredibly thankful to our funders and supporters.  In particular we’d like to thank:

The Trusts Community Foundation, Working Together More Fund, Foundation North and Lottery Community Grants, and Akina for the funding and support they are giving the initiative.

Next Meeting:

We would like to invite you to our next Collective Impact Initiative Meeting for all those interested in the initiative and or who would like to present to the group about your work or a specific project let us know.

Tuesday May 30th
1pm till 3pm
Waitemata Room, Civic Centre, Henderson.

Please rsvp to janette@aawcollectiveimpact.org


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